Recruitment & Staffing

Right person for the right job at the right time

We know that employees are the most valuable resource within the organisation. Therefore, getting the right employees is important.  

We also know what it takes for employers to be able to find and keep people who do a good job. The support we provide is about making sure that you have everything you need to not only attract strong, willing and able candidates, but to keep them in your business for the long term.

How We Support Employers.

We work with employers to identify their staffing needs and in particular the challenges they face with recruitment, retention and diversity in their workforce.

We work with job seekers every day, supporting them to find meaningful and sustainable work. Our job search platform provides personalised job matching profiles to quickly identify the right candidates for you.


Our support process involves:

  • Getting to know you, the employer and identifying your recruitment needs and agreeing the steps you may need to fill vacancies.
  • Support you to understand how creative recruitment solutions can help you tap into a range of talented and highly motivated to work individuals, resulting in a more diverse workforce.  
  • Work with you to find the right individuals for your organisation and provide ongoing support to you to ensure a sustainable job match.
  • Matching you at the appropriate time to suitable job candidates. 
  • Supporting you and the candidate though the recruitment process.
  • Supporting you and the hired employee in the workplace.
  • Conduct a wider review of your business to look at further opportunities to increase diversity and meet CSR objectives. This may include a review of recruitment processes with accessibility recommendations.

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