Job Seekers

Helping you get the right job; the job you love

On the job with a smile

Job search can be stressful. We help take out the stress of finding a new job.

How We Support Job Seekers

We work with job seekers every day, supporting them to find meaningful and sustainable work. Our job search platform provides personalised job matching profiles to quickly identify the right job for you

We are seeking, on behalf of our clients, highly motivated, qualified and experienced health and social care and allied professionals for contract and permanent engagements.

How we support job seekers:

  • Getting to know you, the job seeker and identifying your job aspirations.
  • Support writing CV’s and completing application forms.
  • Agreeing the steps, you may need to take to up skill if necessary.
  • Good quality but time limited work experience to build skills.
  • Signposting to employment biased or other types of relevant training.
  • Understanding employer’s needs and identifying vacancies.
  • Matching you at the appropriate time to suitable job opportunities. 
  • Interview preparation.
  • Supporting you and the employer though the recruitment process.
  • Support in the workplace
  • Promoting personal development and career progression.

We work with disadvantaged Job Seekers to move them closer to employment

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